Nikos, 19, onboard ship . 01


I remember when he asked me to tell him the story. Before sleeping. In his bunk.

“Tell me the story, boy.”

What story, Captain?

About Achilles and Troy.

Oh. Yes. You like that one.

Yes. But…

What, man?

Tell me about the ships.

Yes. That is that part that you like best.

That’s true. It is. Here. Wait. Move your leg over a bit. My hip feels cramped.

You know more about ships than I do, my captain.

But you know the old stories from the books.

Some of them, yes.

Well, where you’re going you will be able to read many more. There, in Alexandria.

That’s what my master told me.

Your master?

My teacher, I mean.

Not the emperor.

No. His… his friend.

Astrologer, you mean.

Yes. Thrasyllus.

You asked the navigator good questions tonight.

Oh. Thank you. You mean about whether the stars in the south rise higher as we go south around the tip of Italy?


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