after the ides

2017 March 16 – Thursday

Yesterday was the ides of March. It makes me think of the ancient empire, and Julius Caesar, who traditionally is said to have been assassinated on that day, two thousand sixty years ago or some such number of years ago. I can remember sixty years of my life, now. But not two thousand. He was killed nearby the place where hundreds of cats live now, in Rome. They say.

We don’t have assassinations in the internet world. We ban and shun and block. Rather like exile, I suppose. The man without a country. The nerd without a social website.

Even the word website is weird to me, still, and I have been around the internet for twenty years now. It has completely transformed my life from a man who used to go to the library to a man who sits in the kitchen and types on his minicomputer while listening to the birds chirp outside in the garden. This is a garden house. We have flowers outside the windows and a big tree. A drought resistant cypress.  We cut off a big piece of it several years ago because it was pushing the house back and threatened to shatter the front wall. The kitchen window wall. The lovely morning wall.

It has not rained for two weeks. Almost time to start watering the yard again.



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