a day

2017 January 26 Thursday

Awake again. Coffee rewarmed from yesterday’s brew that sat on the stove alone for almost twenty-four hours. I wonder if that hurts my stomach. I wonder if coffee hurts my stomach. Maybe I should drink green tea instead. Maybe.

Thursday. The merry maids come today to clean the house, as they do every two weeks. Every fortnight. They make this place so much cleaner.

However, I need to get the kitchen ready for them so they can clean it. Hide all the dishes in the dishwasher. I did a load of dishes the other day and now we are ready for another. I must take out the trash and put the empty wine bottles into the recycling bin. Got to clean the house so they can clean the house. So it goes.

They will clean the bathroom. That is a wonderful service. My heart shivers in gratitude just thinking about it.

Today, after a week of rain, cloud, wet, the sun is finally shining outside, outdoors. A lovely day. Still a bit chilly, but hey, it’s winter. Forty-two degrees the weather internet tag says. Lovely. Crisp. No clouds last night. No clouds this morning. Or at least, none that I can see looking out the window.

If I lift binoculars to my eyes, I can see the snow on Cuyamaca, fifty miles from our home on the edge of freeway valley.

Last night I dreamt I saw the mountains. There. In the east. They looked larger. I kept trying to remember who they were I mean what were their names there. Even mountains have names and personalities you know. You know. Even “you know” has a personality. Even this typing machine, my little laptop computer, has a name. I remember typewriters and pieces of paper and ink ribbons. Oh dear those were the days. Long, long ago.

How times have changed. How. Times. Change.

. .  .   .     .       .           .             .                 .                   .                       .                             .                               .



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