8 December 2016

When I was younger, I enjoyed camping, whether in the mountains or the desert. I believe I would also enjoy camping at the beach, but never experienced much of that. Setting up a tent beside the ocean was something I always dreamed about, but somehow we never went there. It was always either the mountains or the desert, whether with the boy scouts or with the family.

No matter. I loved it. Getting out in the fresh air, where the stars shone magically bright, and we cooked food either over an open fire, or on a gas cookstove, or even in a camper or trailer.

A trailer, or camper on the back of a truck, seemed the height of luxury – almost decadent compared with sleeping on the ground, in the open air, or under the cover of a tent.

Then, many years went by when I hardly ever even went to the mountains or desert, let alone camp there.

Now, as I grow older, I dream again of returning to the wide open spaces. Camping under the stars.

Maybe even in a trailer, or truck camper, those decadent laps of rough luxury, or more simply, in a tent.

Cooking food under the open sky, and hoping it does not rain.

Definitely with a car. Yes.




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