1 December 2016

Someone – I think more than one person, probably several – keeps coming into our house and pouring water into our house plants. I believe they do it because they think the plants are dying of thirst, and so they – whether sister, brother, nephew, niece, inlaw or step – are killing our plants by drowning them, because apparently they think they are dying of thirst. Even the maids who come once every two weeks – pour more water into the poor potted plants.

We have now lost two plants to drowning. The latest one of them – number three, a beautiful orchid that began to wither two weeks ago – is now so bad it smells like an open sewer, festering with water and organic slime. I have had to pull it out of its pot and hope it will air out before it dies from super-hydration.

Another one, a lovely baby rose bush, died last week. That was when I first began to notice there is just too much water in all of these plants.

Following my mother’s instructions, I water them once a week, and yet, it always seems someone else has beaten me to the punch.

Maybe it is a poltergeist. Hmmm. I hope not. Or, maybe .  .   .  it’s Mom. She is getting rather forgetful these days .  .   .     .

Well, anyway, to whom it may concern: stop watering our house plants! You are killing them! I know you mean well, but you are paving the road to hell with your good intentions, and furthermore, it ain’t even your home that you are peeing on.

If you want to water the yard, okay. I am grateful for that, since it is harder and harder for me to get around without running short of breath. But leave the indoor plants alone, please. Please. Please!



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