I am, oddly enough, thankful that I am sick with a chest cold and am not going to the family dinner where I would have to listen to them whining and trumpeting (another politically divided California family) while I spent my time coughing and sneezing all over them.
I am even more thankful that my step-cousin SK (yes, part of the ambivalence is we are a “blended” family [I am also thankful we have worked it out so well for the past thirty-nine {my dear heaven has it been that long?} years] yes) came by yesterday after sunset with a bag full of goodies I can fix for Mom and me (my mother [96 and extraordinarily healthy] does not want to go and finds me to be a convenient excuse, even now refusing other offers of rides) tonight, yes, a piece of already cooked turkey breast, some pumpkin soup, mashed potato mix, frozen veggies, stuffing mix, etc., etcet., etcetera.
I am also thankful I have a family.
I am also thankful and prayerful for all those who do not have merely a simple cold/flu to worry about — but much more to stay on guard for — our men and women under arms in foreign lands (oh the burden of empire) and the children and women and men suffering war and being remembered only when someone googles “What is a Leppo?”
I am thankful for this community of diverse and talented writers. Like so much else in my life, I do not deserve. But then, grace is not deserved. It is given.


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