First Civ Six Comment

I have only been playing for a few hours now, and only last night until eleven.

Civ Six, I mean.

I play the long game, which goes on for hours and hours and hours and days and days and weeks and well now I think the program calls it “marathon” so I am barely out of the stone ages by now, moving into the classical era (next will come medieval and after that renaissance etc.).

My first complaint, from the very beginning, was that this new version does not have a “real” Earth map – all the previous versions I played from two through five – no, I never played the first game, although I had heard about it but until that fateful day when I found a used version two game in the Otay Tijuana street market until that day I had really known nothing nor experienced nothing but I must admit I had played sim city before, three different versions, I think it was, between 1994 and two thousand something yes… the first one (sim city) was on an old nintendo – the same machine I won as a consolation prize for losing on wheel of fortune I think it was… ah, gaming memories. Yes. Wait a minute, maybe that was a different nintendo I forget now… shoot. Dang. Flushlinger memory fritz. Zap.

Now it is the morning after my first night with civ six and I am avoiding the game, instead sitting in the kitchen next to my stepfather’s lovely windows looking out onto his front yard. I have been watering his plants a little more. The roses have come back from their stunting in the drought. They are beautiful. The little white whatever it is called that covers the ground is also doing well. And my stepbrothers have not cut off the big limb of the ancient tree they keep threatening to amputate.

The dog’s ashes were also delivered yesterday, a few hours before my new game got here. Mom and I had a martini and said a prayer for her blessed spirit. Somewhere yesterday on the computer I saw a quote from Will Rogers I think it was that if dogs don’t go to heaven then he would rather go somewhere else, where-ever it is that they go.

I should google it.


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