And would it have been worth it, after all?

After the broken spark in my plot, after

The twists and turns of character and theme,

After the railroad auto-format that forces me to


Accept a capital letter with every new line I write?


Would it have been worthwhile, if one spy,

Cutting in upon my conversation, would then let loose

Her earthen mind, her sudden quake of skin and light brown

Hair along the back of that gentle arm,

And say





6 thoughts on “WORTH | SPARK | PLOT | QUAKE | SPY

  1. Your twists and turns with each line feel like I am reading.not just a poem, but a developing story. I do have a quick question: “Who’s saying ‘No?’? I like where that might be going.

    Welcome to the 5 word challenge. You have a great start with your offering.Hope to see you return. Guarantee to open up the senses. Sometimes the words are more mystical or magical than other times and sometimes they make unusual demands of your own mind being set free on the hunt for what is will be released from within the combination of the 5 words. – kiley/jk

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