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I have been obsessing over a give-away.

A cabin, on-line, the DIY network blog cabin 2015, has been rebuilt over the course of last winter and spring, rebuilt from the ground up, on a hillside lot of almost eight acres above scenic Lake Coeur d’Alene.

The last twelve days are ticking down until the winner is notified, “on or about October 7, 2015.” Yes, yes, I entered the contest. Almost as many times as was physically and legally possible (you could enter twice every day on-line).

Now I find myself pondering the almost infinitesimal chance of winning, and wondering what would I do.

The biggest problem of all is how to pay the taxes. The grand prize, that stunning piece of land and beautiful house, is worth about 950,000 dollars, they say. That means I would need almost five hundred thousand just to pay all the taxes and fees.


There is no free lunch.

It would be a lot easier if I do not win the grand prize. Fortunately, the odds for that are in my favor. Smiley face.

Still, the beauty of winter in Idaho… ah yes.

I actually like winter better than summer.



Meanwhile, I continue to work on my movie, “Vlogging around the Louvre, and Paris.”


Edit edit cut cut cut cut cut. Dissolve. Fade. Title….