home again unexpectedly and disappointedly

49 Summer 24 Moon 58 Space Age                 Saturday 8 August 2015

We are home. We came home yesterday from Los Angeles, instead of boarding the LArail tour to Portland, Spokane, and Seattle. I am extremely disappointed, but also relieved that Mom seems to be all right. She had some problems on Thursday. Something she ate did not agree with her, and she ended up on the toilet in the hotel, several times, and each time could not really stand up again, and I had to go in and help her to her feet. Then she lay down for a while, getting up only after an hour to go down the hall with me to the “club room” where there were complimentary drinks and snacks. She had a glass of wine and a bite of a carrot slice and a tiny morsel of cheese. Then back to the room and into bed, telling me she wanted to go home tomorrow (yesterday).

I said tell me that tomorrow morning and we will go home.

Then she slept. On and off for almost twelve hours.

I was tired, myself, and lay down before nine, and slept, somewhat fitfully, until six a.m, when I got up and went to the club room for their complimentary breakfast. Had some coffee and eggs. Went back to our room after about a half hour. Mom was waking, and saying she did not want to disappoint me, what time did we have to go to the station. I said please, tell me what you really want to do. I don’t want to disappoint you, Daniel. No, I said, forget about me. Tell me what you want to do. I… I want to go home, she said.

I got online with the hotel internet service to our room, and changed our return train from LA, from Sunday the 16th until today (yesterday) the 7th. We would leave LA at 11:10 a.m. Mom could rest now for another hour or so and then we would pack and leave the hotel.

As it turned out, we got to the station just as they were announcing the last call for the train we would have been riding behind, the Coast Starlight. I was so tempted to say, come on, Mom, let’s go get onboard anyway. But I was also deathly afraid something would happen while we were off bouncing around Oregon or Washington and getting home with her – alive or dead – would be a ridiculously major project, not to mention difficult and expensive. Better we should just go home today. (Yesterday).

So here we are at home again. I am going to pick up the dog in a couple of hours. I have restarted the newspaper.

Supposedly my stepbrother Herb is going to start a major rebuilding project on the entry floor, replacing the worn out wall to wall carpet with fake wood tile. He had said he wanted to finish it while we were gone this next week. We shall see if he does this, or, if as usual, he takes weeks and months to complete the project. As usual. As. Usual.

And if anyone complains, which, hopefully, I am only going to do here, he will present the usual excuses.

Meanwhile, I count our blessings. To only have petty bullshit to complain about. To be home again safe and relatively sound. To be alive and mostly healthy. To have a roof over our head and food to eat.

To have a beloved, and loving, dog. And, oh yes, a beloved, and loving, family.

Who actually seem to tolerate me, myself, and I.

Which if I do say so myself, is a kind of blessing.


Well at least I got to see Los Angeles for a few hours.

And ride on the train from San Diego. And to San Diego.

But it would have been nice to ride into the northwest. Yes.

Nichevo. Nothing to be done.

OK bye.