upcoming train trip

2015 July 7, Tuesday; 22 Moon 17 Summer 54 SpaceAge

I am busily moving into the last four weeks of planning which remain before we go on our train trip for eleven days and ten nights. God willing (and the creek don’t rise), from the 7th to the 15th we will be riding with the larail.com private cars Pacific Sands, Silver Splendor, and Tioga Pass, traveling from Los Angeles to Portland to Spokane to Seattle and then back to Los Angeles. We will stay overnight in Portland and Seattle and spend all day in Spokane. Before and after, on the 6th and the 16th we will be coming and going between San Diego and Los Angeles. I have studied the transit systems of the three cities (for when I go out by myself for a few hours of exploration), have selected a few restaurants where I think I can encourage Mom to eat something, and investigated where are the most lovely parks or scenic spots to sit for a while and enjoy the view. While we are stopped overnight or during the day, we have to provide for our own lunch and dinner. Some kind of breakfast is always prepared, and, while we are actually en route, our lunch and dinner are served on the train, in the dome and the lounge of the Silver Splendor. I believe our bedroom (upper and lower berth, private toilet) is in the Pacific Sands. and Norm’s car Tioga Pass (the car on which we took our first private-car trip in 2011) will also be accompanying us – with its spectacular rear platform looking back down the tracks behind us. I have yet to hear whether the other possible sleeper, Salisbury Beach, will be along “for the ride” – but I am selfishly hoping it will not – its presence would mean more people crowding into the dome car for the wonderful views.


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