Memories of ancient Maya ruins

69th day of Spring 10th day of the Moon 57th year of the Space Age            –             27 May 2015

I remember how happy I was that day I first walked into the archeological zone of Chichen Itza. I suppose it is acceptable to spell it here without accent mark – I am writing this in English, after all.

I walked, if I am remembering correctly, I had walked all the way from the nearby town of Piste, following the touristic sidewalk built beside the old highway. It is only two kilometers or so, I guess (again, I am remembering, not researching this, not yet at least) but it is considerably farther than I would walk today without running short of breath and having to sit down several times.

Then I spent several hours walking around the major sections of the reconstructed ruins. Those were the days when I could still walk for miles and miles, and only the sun would make me stop and rest.

I am happy now, just thinking back, and realizing that I had to chance and fortune to go there and visit those fascinating and curious ruins of ancient American civilization.

It was sixteen years ago. Sixteen years, three months, and some number of days.

As I wait for the coffee to settle (using a French press) this morning, I think back on that day with joy and gratitude.

Thank you for life. Amen.


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