text five from Paris


October 4, 2014 1:30 pm, Paris, France.

Tonight is the big White Night festival – Nuit Blanche. There will be street performances and installations at several locations around the city, supposedly lasting all night. It is also advertised that from 2:15 until 5:30 (am, after midnight and before dawn) two metro lines (subway) will be running, every five minutes, for free.

Feels a little weird, however, after I finally got my sleeping hours straightened back around (recovered from jetlag) that I actually want to stay up all night again. Oh well. Go figure. I figure, meanwhile, that I will just play it by ear. Start out the evening and see how long I can go. Today, meanwhile, I am just taking it easy, working on the video I shot yesterday in the Louvre, and writing a bit.


As I say, I went to the Louvre yesterday, my third day visiting. I actually went twice, yesterday, first in the early morning at opening, when I slipped into the old elevator and went straight up to see the Mona Lisa – I was the first tourist there, and alone. Then I looked at Italian paintings and had breakfast bread and coffee at the Cafe Mollien (in the Denon wing). Came home around noon or one. Let myself have a little nap, then ate some bread and cheese and fruit and went back over to the Louvre around seven for the late hours of Friday evening. Stayed until closing at 9:45. Shot a bunch of video I edited together today into a short film (26 minutes) I am calling it: something old, something new at the Louvre.

It is monstrous. Yutub tells me they want to take three hundred and some minutes to upload it, even after I dumbed it down to low definition. Damn.
Well, I got you a piece of a taste of a bit of it anyway.

Here’s another bit.

Came home, called Mom, ate the rest of my bread and cheese. Time to go to the market. Maybe this afternoon or early evening before I go out to the all night adventure. I finally bought some envelopes from the postal service, good for mailing documents up to 20 grams weight/mass to anywhere in the world. It took a while to get across what exactly I was looking for, I mean I was not sure how to say it in French, and none of them spoke any more English than I speak Russian, it seems. Я не говорю по-русски.


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