the day before traveling north

I find myself with a thousand things to do all at the last minute. Wash clothes, clean the kitchen, pack, finish a translation job that is still remaining to be finished, complete the list of nominees for award categories at a video sharing site where I belong, and welcome the usual Sunday visit of my conservative stepsister and her pun-filled husband. I should be kinder to them, after all, they will be visiting Mom while I am away for three days, and making it possible for me to go away for three days without worrying excessively over her well-being while I am gone.

She is getting older fast and I dare not leave her for even one night without someone to drop by and check up on her.

Yesterday she was talking about getting a gun to protect herself.

I am horrified.


Tomorrow I will be riding the trains all day long.

First the Pacific Surfliner from San Diego to Los Angeles. Two hours and fifty minutes.

Then the Coast Starlight from Los Angeles to Oakland. Eleven or twelve hours, unless we are monstrously late.

A long day of watching the beauties of coastal California. Beaches and beach towns. Ranches and farms. Mountains, hills, and valleys.

Although we are not scheduled to pass the night, I have paid a little extra and got myself a roomette — a small private space on a sleeper car — which entitles me to free meals (lunch and dinner), access to the private lounge “club car”, and my own little room where I can close the door and take a nap if I want to.

I will want to, after tonight’s long hours awake to finish the writing I must finish before I go.


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