32 Winter 21 Moon 57 Space Age – 21 January 2014

After several months of planning to go to the writing conference in San Miguel de Allende next month, I have finally admitted that I should not go this year.

Never mind that I do not have the money, I have some of it, and will have more of it next month, but I would still have to use credit cards and hope to pay it off… hope to…

Never mind that bothersome little fact. What finally did it, really convinced me, was realizing I simply will not have the historical novel written in time to pitch it to the two literary agents I was scheduled to meet there.

So I have cancelled everything. Hotel, train, conference. The refunds trickle in and I will only lose 252 dollars (out of over eleven hundred I already spent), which sucks, but I get the rest back, and at least I won’t be spending another two thousand on hotel and transportation and food.

I have decided, also, to go ahead and do something less expensive, which I have wanted to get back to working on for many months now.

Spend 300 dollars and go to Disneyland for a year.

Their social website executives tell me I may use a monopod, but not a tripod, in filming, and please not to disturb other people having fun.

Plus, maybe I will buy a ticket to the dreamhouse raffle.


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