plus ca change plus la meme chose

16 Winter 5 Moon 57 Space Age – 5 January 2014


How the years have fled by! I remember, in the 60s and 70s, when I could still feel the breath from the great depression and world war two blowing down my neck. Those world-changing decades had only passed thirty years before, and the elders from those great days were all around me, at work, on the bus, walking in the street.

Now, later this year, it will be forty years, for me, since I went east, in 1974, to live in the nation’s capital. More than that personal milestone, the world itself is fundamentally different. Computers, cellular telephones, giant televisions, and the world-wide-web, or internet, have radically redefined the nature of society and culture.

A library is not what it used to be. Very few of us write letters any more.

Yet… oddly enough, there still are books.



In five weeks I will be on the road. Today is Sunday.

I leave on Friday the 7th, and arrive in San Antonio early morning of the 9th. From there I make my way into Mexico and travel overnight south to the colonial heartland, or Bajio, where I will spend the 10th to the 19th in San Miguel de Allende, attending the 14th annual writers’ conference there, sitting through two and three events every day from the 12th through the 17th, workshops, readings, speeches, parties, lunches, etc. The day before and the day after the conference I will have completely free to simply explore that old, classic Mexican city, with all its historic, protected, archictectural style.

After leaving San Miguel, I plan to spend two nights in the center of Queretaro, another famous colonial city.

That part of Mexico is one of the areas where I am seriously considering moving after my Mom leaves the earth – if I should live so long and be moderately healthy.

If. If. If. A very big if.

But for now, I only pray I remain well and don’t get sick on the road. I have never been to San Miguel, and have high hopes of enjoying its amb ience. Supposedly there is a huge American population there.

So. In five weeks, I will be gone for two weeks and four days.

I hope my mother will be all right without me.

Oh… did I mention I begin and end my trip with a train ride to and from Texas?





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