Day Two

2 January 2014 – 13 Winter 2 Moon 57 Space Age.

It is now the second day of the new year. Already it seems old. But I continue my resolve to write something every day, and to publish it on blog as diary or whatever written I may call it.

This is only the second day. We shall see how far I go.

I begin to believe I will not meet my goal to have a novel ready for the writing conference in San Miguel de Allende. Only five weeks from tomorrow I leave to go there and I just am not going to have enough to share with the agents there. Too bad. I am not going to force myself to do this, I am going to take things completely at my own speed in my own time. That is another one of my resolutions for this new year. To do what I feel best. To do what I judge best. To do what I want.

No matter what.

Of course, I will take other people’s needs and desires into consideration. For example, what I want to do, what I desire to do, is be more helpful and understanding to my mother. That is what I want. That is what I desire. To help her get what she desires and needs in these last years of her life. Especially while she still has health and clarity of mind about her.

We will most likely we taking a train trip to Colorado at the end of June. With the tours. Onboard three of their private cars. Sweet.


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