Maria Teresa

November 2013.


She is one of the most important people in my life. I have written about her now and then for the past thirteen years in the diary@blog pages. In most recent years she has occasionally appeared in videos at VH and yutub. Two weeks ago she fell and broke her upper right arm. Fortunately she is recovering well.


But the event leads me to think, to reflect on the simple dangers of life, and finally to write a few notes.


It was late at night. She was going to bed after a long day traveling to Los Angeles and walking around Hollywood with her downstairs neighbor. She moved down the darkened hallway from her front room and kitchen, past the bathroom, and somehow lost her footing – perhaps she fainted, briefly – and fell. All the weight of her body – not that much weight, gratefully – landed directly onto her right elbow. The pressure wave from the impact smashed up into her humerus, and fractured that bone. A small stress fracture, or fisura, as her doctors in Mexico call it.


Two weeks ago. With the help of her neighbor, she went to the doctor that night. Has been back several times since.


Day before yesterday she learned she will not be needing surgery. It is a simple stress fracture – una fisura regular – which will heal itself, given time and rest and absolute imobility of the arm and shoulder. No need to screw plates or pins or bars into the bone.


That is good news.


God bless Maria Teresa.