The 3rd Day of Christmas

Already they are counting down to New Year. But I am different.

I am not one of those who begins Christmas in October (or even earlier). I am not one of those who begins Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving.

Christmas does not begin until December 24, preferably in the evening, although I have been known to refer to the entire day as “Christmas Eve”…

Yes, there is a holy day season, but for me, the weeks before Christmas eve are ADVENT, not Christmas.

But I am weird. I also believe that babies cannot be baptized because they are not consciously making a decision to surrender to the Lord.

I warned you. I am a very weird liberal Christian. Or “XIAN” as so many nay-sayers say.

And then, when everyone is breathing a sigh of relief and saying oh my God Christmas is finally over, I am saying no it aint. It only began when the sun went down on the 24th.

Today, December 27th, 2012, is the third day of Christmas.

And please don’t get me started about Winter.

That, after all, is both the REALLY real true reason, AND the season.


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